Marmalade Ice Cream

A quick and easy recipe for Marmalade Ice Cream – no ice cream maker required! Serves 6.



Place the marmalade and liqueur in a saucepan over a low heat and stir until the marmalade has melted. Set aside to cool.

Whip the cream until soft peaks form, add custard and whip together until combined. Stir in the orange rind and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Spoon mixture into a plastic container, place in the freezer until frozen at the edges. Remove from freezer and beat with an electric beater. Pour back into container and re-freeze.

Repeat twice more adding the marmalade mixture during the last beating, freeze until firm. (Alternatively, churn in an ice-cream machine according to manufacturer's directions. When the ice cream has almost finished churning, add the marmalade mixture and churn for a further five minutes.)