National Braai Day 2019- Time to celebrate

With national Braai day coming up, many South Africans will be preparing for the glorious holiday where one can have a big Braai and celebrate the day with Friends and family. 

Much like barbecue in the U.S., braai in South Africa is something akin to religion.

It’s not just about what you braai, it’s about how you braai, when you braai, where you braai and with whom you braai with. 

There are many different items on the menu when it comes to having a braai. A braai often includes many different types of meat prepared over an open wood fire. Chops, steaks, loins, poultry, boerewors and sosaties are staples, while along the coast seafood plays a prominent role, from boiled crayfish (spiny lobsters) to whole-grilled or smoked fish, particularly snoek, an oily, cold-water fish found around the Cape of Good Hope. 

Steak and chops are often marinated in rich sauces such as Steers barbecue sauce, Spur BBQ sauce and seasoned with a range of South African spices such as Robertson's BBQ spices or a range of steak and chop spices, and to top it all off a lovely Spur Cheddamelt sauce on the side. Fish is often seasoned with garlic, fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary or dill and often cooked on a bed of lemon slices to keep the fish fresh and juicy 

Many South Africans will embrace the day with awesome food, great company and a sizzling hot fire.